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Are you interested in setting up your own biomass pellet (and/or torrefaction) plant? Then you have come to the right address.
Aurora International can prepare your business case and make all the necessary financial and technical calculations.
Companies served are e.g. saw mills, to utilyse their wood waste, energy companies with a strategic focus on durable energy and companies that recognise the financial potential of wood pellet production.

Aurora International Wood Pellets has the experience and expertise to guide your project to success. It is our job to find the optimum between what is possible and what is wanted, in every situation.

A unique service to kick start a project is our "Go - No go" service. In a matter of weeks you know wheater your project is feasible, or not, and have insight in the implications of your project. For details refer to our "Benefits" page.

Biomass pellets are an interesting product and therefore biomass pelleting has become a growing industry. Biomass pelleting is capital intensive and lack of finance used to be the limiting factor in the expansion of the industry. Because of the "green revolution" and the maturing of the industry access to finance has improved. Now lack of know how seems to account for many “white elephants”.
Biomass pelleting is mostly regarded as a logistical challenge, while the major part of the investment is in the production facility, which is often considered as a black box.
Aurora International can shed light into your black box.

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engineers for bio-energy projects

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